Christmas is a joyous day for a nice gathering with family and friends, and when there’s a gathering, there’s bound to be food, because what’s a party without food right?

So chances are you’re probably wondering what you’re going to serve your guests.

Let’s forget about bothersome meals like turkey, chicken or duck, let’s just go with something as simple and sweet as Christmas cookies!

Because baking cookies is one of the most beloved Christmas traditions of all time and is great time to spend with your loved ones too!

So here we have the recipes for 10 of the cutest and easiest Christmas cookies for you folks, and be sure to save some for Santa!

The trickiest part about this cookie is probably drawing Rudolf”s face!
Who doesn’t like Oreo? This cookie is easy to make and nice to eat!
If you’re going to be baking cookies, having at least one Santa Claus-themed cookie is must!
LOL! Look how silly these chocolate bars are! And they’re not hard to make~
You can hang them too if you want. But watch out for ants! 
They can be both food and decorations! 
Serve these with real hot chocolate drinks!
Making a snowman is hard, so let’s just go with the melting version of it!
The kids would definitely love these eye-popping cookies!
Make sure the meringues are nicely swirled!

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