It seems that despite Starr Chen and X Production’s apology and quick action in changing the music video for the song “EGO-HOLIC”, many are still dissatisfied with the whole incident, and demanding guest performer Jolin Tsai to apologise as well.

As reported on Liberty Times News, previously it was reported that the Taipei Municipal Zhongshan Girls High School was furious over the illegal use of their school uniform in depicting the bullies and the victim in the music video, claiming that it could severely damage the school’s reputation.

Music writer Starr Chen and the production involved in the making of the video had since released their own statements to address the issue and made necessary changes to the MV.
However, the action didn’t seem to quell the anger, as parents demanded for the singer, Jolin Tsai, who hasn’t said a word about the issue, to come forward and apologise as well, claiming that an artist is as much responsible for the product as the producers.
This has apparently angered Jolin’s fans, who reiterated Starr Chen’s previous statement that Jolin was only lending her vocals to the song, which tackles the issue of bullying, and has nothing to do with the production and the creative process. 
Some even alleged that they are now bullying Jolin Tsai into apologising for something she didn’t do.
“Congratulations, Zhongshan Girls High School,” wrote one opinion writer, saying that the music video has proven its case. 
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