Actress-producer Zhao Wei has denied allegations saying that she has financially backed Hillary Clinton back when she was still running for president of the United States.

As reported on Mingpao News, the rumours were circulated online via Sina Weibo recently, with sources claiming that Zhao, alongside Chinese internet giant Alibaba, Jet Li’s One Foundation, and China Minsheng Banking Corporations were among Clinton’s corporate donors.

However, Zhao recently dismissed the allegations as false, saying that the whole story is fictional and that she will not be involved in such a ridiculous rumour.
She also shared a statement from her lawyer, saying that allegations of Zhao’s involvement in Clinton’s election run can be constituted as libel and that any parties involved in spreading such rumours can be held accountable.
It also reminds the public to be aware of fake news and to always identify the source of these reports.
(Photo source: news.52pk.com)