Taking Back Sunday is one of those bands that needs no introduction at all!

Known for their hit single “MakeDamnSure” from the band’s breakout mainstream album “Louder Now”, the group which was formed in 1999, has sold millions of albums with over 900,000 copies for “Louder Now” alone.

Comprising of vocalist Adam Lazzara, guitarist and vocalist John Nolan, guitarist and founder Eddie Reyes, bassist Shaun Cooper and drummer Mark O’Connell, the band has certainly evolved from being a scrappy punk act into seasoned songwriters, and they have continued to forge a successful career to this very day.

The band has recently released their seventh studio album called “Tidal Wave” via Hopeless Records which peaked at number 36 on the Billboard 200.

“This album is truly an expression of what Taking Back Sunday is during this snapshot in time as opposed to what we think people expect from our band,” frontman Adam Lazzara said in a statement.

Coming to Malaysia for the very first time this month for Rockaway, guitarist and co-lead vocalist John Nolan revealed to TheHive.Asia on the band’s excitement towards the festival and their latest updates.


This would be your first time in Malaysia! How does it feel to be finally performing in the country?
It is. We’re very excited to get over there. It’s always really interesting to experience a new place and meet our fans there.

What was your reaction when TBS were first approached for Rockaway?
We were very excited about it. It’s nice to be part of festival when you’re performing in a country for the first time.

Tells us about your recently released album, “Tidal Wave”, like how is it different from your previous albums and what is the inspiration behind this album?
We explored some new musical territory on this album. There’s a wider range of sound and styles on it. I think we’ve all also grown as musicians and you can really hear that.

What is your most favourite song from the album and why?
I honestly love them all and I haven’t been able to choose a favorite.

Taking Back Sunday has been in the industry for quite a long time, have you guys ever thought that the band could’ve gone this far?
No, we never expected to go this far. I think none of us really ever thought that far ahead. We’ve always kind of taken things tour by tour and album by album and can’t believe we’re still able to do this.

Do you think you have evolved musically over the years?
Definitely. Our musical tastes have changed and evolved and we’ve grown as musicians, both individually and in our ability to work off of each other.

What other projects are you guys up to next?
We’re going to be touring the world in support of Tidal Wave. The album has only been out a little while so touring is really only just starting.

What can Malaysian fans expect from your upcoming performance at Rockaway?
Hopefully an exciting, energetic show and a really fun time!