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Malaysian Indian singer Resh is actually just like all of us, except that he’s a multi award-winning singer-songwriter who has a huge following in the Asian region!

After the success of “Half the Man”, the 40-year-old singer recently presented his latest single “Trouble”, the third single from his EP “Who Am I”, featuring India’s very own indie artist, Monica Dogra.

In his own words, “‘Trouble’ is about falling in love dangerously. It’s when you reach a point in your relationship where your next step could be a dangerous step or it could take you to a better level. So that’s essentially how “Trouble” came about. It’s not necessarily good, nor is it necessarily bad.”

The song is currently enjoying a considerable amount of airplays in Indonesia, India and Singapore, and is slowly gaining traction in Malaysia too!

In our recent meeting with the talented singer, we found out that despite all of the success that he has, Resh is pretty much like all of us – a normal down-to-earth family man with beautiful wife and children, and who also likes to sweat it all out in the gym!

Get ready to learn another side of Resh via this rapid fire series of questions we’ve asked him below!

  1. When I’m not singing, I…am working out in the gym.
  2. At home, I’m usually very…relaxed and composed – the happiest person, in a nutshell.
  3. When it comes to parenting, my role is…the good cop!
  4. I am secretly a…entrepreneur.
  5. If I have superpower that would be…the power to make food, as in to be an endless food-making machine, so that I could make so much food that nobody would be starving around the world.
  6. If I’m not a singer, I would be a…pilot.
  7. The one thing that I can’t stand the most is…dishonesty.
  8. The one word or phrase I overuse is…“no worries!”
  9. When I’m performing, I think about…connecting with the many wonderful people off stage!
  10. I absolutely can’t live without…my family.
  11. I am terrified of…not being able to sweat out the rubbish that’s in my body – in other words, not being able to work out!
  12. I am very bad at…not telling the truth.
  13. The best compliment I have ever received was…“you’re just like one of us.”