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“I’m gonna run – run away with you!” A Royal Pirates fan belted out as she demonstrated just how big her love is for the Korean-America band.

Of course, the young lady did not mean it literally, she was only singing the lyrics to Royal Pirates’ “Run Away”, off their latest album, “3.3”.

The avid fan was rewarded with a Royal Pirates postcard from the emcee, same as several others who participated in the Q&A game while waiting for Royal Pirates’ “3.3” Meet the Fans Session to begin last Sunday, 6 November, at Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur.
Royal Pirates, the Korean-American band consisting of lead vocalist/guitarist Moon (Kim Moon-chul), drummer EXSY (Kim Soo Yoon) and keyboardist/bassist James (James Lee), recently returned to Malaysia to meet with their fans.
The trio first visited the country in May last year, making this their second visit.
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Fans bring along cute placards with the band members’
names to better catch their attention.
Though, unfortunately, this time around the band did not get to perform for their Malaysian fans.
This doesn’t mean their fans were any less excited to welcome them again, as apparent by the loud screaming as the band made their long-awaited appearance at the Meet the Fans session.
“We didn’t expect to see so many people,” James said in awe, waving happily at the cheering crowd of more than a thousand fans gathered to meet the band.
After introducing themselves – not that they needed any introduction – to the still-screaming crowd, the three had a little Q&A session themselves with the emcee.
When asked what they missed most about Malaysia, the answer, “Our beautiful fans”, once again made the shopping mall shake with the screams of the ecstatic fangirls.
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Royal Pirates seen here chilling onstage
while snapping a pic with the crowd.
“There’s three of us and this is our third album,” was Moon’s reply to the question why their album is called “3.3”, adding that they thought three was a perfect, there are also three points in a triangle, signifying balance, and they wanted to show the balance between the three of them.
The answer that received the most cheer on the day was no doubt when James revealed that the band will be performing at the year-end countdown concert in Malaysia this 31 December.
Moon promised that the band will give a different performance, something they have “never performed before”.
Since Royal Pirates’ recent visit to Malaysia was also to be the judges for Astro Star Quest, the band will be joining the finalists at the concert. 
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Royal Pirates watch their students Pang (far left in white) and Timothy (right, holding mic),
who previously flew to Korea to train with the band, perform a special stage for them.
Amidst the cheers from fans (“EXSY so sexy!” was just one the gems thrown around by fans, while the drummer simply acknowledged it with a shy smile), the trio went off stage for a short break before coming back up for the autograph session with fans who have purchased their “3.3” album at the concert. 
A line of over 500 fans snaked through the venue as they waited for their turns to finally meet their “oppas” face to face.
So Royal Treasures, if you were were disappointed that the trio did not perform any songs last weekend, you now have the chance to catch the band again this year end! Keep your eyes glued to this spot for more upcoming deets.

In the meantime, enjoy more Royal Pirates photos from the event:

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Royal Pirates getting ready to answer some Qs.

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EXSY quietly smiling around at his fans.

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James waiting for the next fan to get his autograph.
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Moon waving to a fan during the autograph session.
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Moon posing as fans off stage take photos of him.
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Happy fans with their autographed “3.3” albums.
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Royal Pirates says bye to their Malaysian fans and promises
to return for the countdown concert this year end.