Cambodian fans yesterday had the chance to gather with their fellow anime and manga enthusiasts at the “Cosplay Collection in Phnom Penh”, held at the Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center (CJCC).

The event started at around 10 in the morning, attended not only by fans cosplaying as their favourite characters but also JENESYS 2016 Japanese delegates.

Throughout the day, several fashion shows were held, where the cosplayers really got to show off their ready-made or handmade costumes.

Missed out on the whole fun? Don’t worry, we have here some pics from the event, check out these cosplayers and see if you can spot any of your favourite characters!

When you’re already dressed this kawaii, taking wefie is a must!
So many characters gathered in one place.
Some of the many anime and manga merchandise on sale.
Here’s C.C from Code Geass, wearing a maid costume.
Shiro from “No Game No Life” and Iona Hikawa from
“Happiness Charge Precure!” posing for a photo.
Here’s Iona Hikawa again, this time with Gaara from “Naruto”.
Gaara from “Naruto” takes a solo pic.
Strike a pose before striking the baddie, Red Ranger!
A cosplayer dressed as Rikka Takanashi
from “Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!”.
A kawaii female version of Super Mario?

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