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Hong Kong multi-hyphenate Nicholas Tse has achieved another kind of success in his work when he was honoured with the Friend of Michelin Award.

As reported on Liberty News, the actor and host of food show “Chef Nic”, was one of the seven international chefs (six of whom are recognised by the Michelin Guide) from around the world who participated in the inaugural Michelin and Robert Parker Wine Advocate Gala Dinner, “Senses: A Sensorial Gourmet Journey Sensorial Gourmet Journey”, that was held at Studio City Macau on 11 November.

In addition to personally designing menu for 700 guests that night, he became the first person in history to be the Friend of Michelin.
Other chefs who were involved include Japanese chef Shinji Kanesaka, French chef Guillaume Galliot, and pastry master Pierre Hermé.
Nicholas admitted that he became closer to his family when he started cooking for them and making them his “test subjects”.
However, when asked if he has ever cooked for Faye Wong or her daughter Leah Dou, Nic said that he will not make any comments about that.
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