Malaysian actress Nora Danish just keeps making the local news.

Earlier this month, she became a hot topic when her comments on income tax were misunderstood, and now she’s in the spotlight again with her unique hijab/shawl creation which prompted some interesting reactions from netizens.

One of her new shawl designs from her collection called Owl by Nora Danish, features a front zipper which enables those wearing it to cover their whole face by pulling down the zipper.


The new design is called the Owl EZip which is said to be inspired by Princess Jasmine from Disney’s “Aladdin”.

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According to Nora, the function of the zip is for those who would like to cover their face while sleeping on a plane, or for those who love things that are unique and different.

Even though her new shawl design has been receiving tons of orders (according to the actress herself), some netizens just can’t help poking fun at the design, questioning the function of it and even comparing the looks of it to Ultraman.

“Nora Danish’s new shawl is the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard and seen throughout this whole year,” said one Twitter user.

“Sorry, but Nora Danish’s latest shawl is the dumbest creation ever! (Yeah, at least she tried to transform herself into an alien)”, another commented.

But there are some people who find her odd creation creative, bold and even beautiful.

“Am I the only one that actually likes the zip shawl by Nora Danish? But I think it only looks good because she is wearing it,” one netizen said.

This is not the first time that Nora Danish has become a hot topic amongst netizens for her shawl design.

Earlier this month, she was criticised for wearing a nun-like hijab during the launch of her new collection.