Michelle Ye has recently addressed accusations made by one of her former housemaids, and explained the reason why she refused to pay her wage when she decided to sack her.

On 6 November, Michelle shared a photo of one of the maids on her Weibo account and reminded her fans to be careful not to fall victim to bad maid agency.

She also claimed that her previous accuser and the woman in the picture, Li Mingcui, was stealing from her and damaged her property that had cost a loss of up to RMB 10,000.
She claimed that Li had also abused her dog, as was told to her by her neighbours.
Despite all that, said Michelle, she decided just to dismiss her from employment rather than investigate the case further.
She also sent a message to Li, saying, “When you came crying to me about the poor condition of the dormitory you stayed in at your agency, I allowed you to rent one of our homes, and even let you stay for free when you told me you couldn’t afford it. And yet, you abused our sympathy by committing crimes and blackmail. I will not allow this.”
(Photo source: donglishi.com)