Taiwanese TV personality Matilda Tao recently defended her joke about Shu Qi’s pregnancy, following complaints by netizens and Shu Qi’s fans alike.

As reported on Mingpao news, earlier, the Golden Horse Awards host sparked Shu Qi’s pregnancy rumours when she hinted about it at the event, as the Taiwanese actress came on to the stage to present an award.

Matilda pointed to Shu’s stomach and stated, “I am going to announce this now. I am just touched that Shu Qi took the trouble to come and present the award. She even wore high heels even when she is…”
When Shu Qi tried to stop the audience from giving her a round of applause and explain the situation, Matilda told her jokingly not to say anything so that she could be the talk of the town for months.
Dismissing the pregnancy speculations later on, Shu posted a photo of herself, saying that she can now finally eat a big ball of noodle soup now that she doesn’t need to fit herself into a dress.
Matilda’s misdirected humour sparked criticism from many, especially since it would only attract more attention to Shu Qi’s personal life.
However, the host recently defended herself, saying that she didn’t exactly say that Shu Qi was pregnant and wouldn’t have announced such a thing to the public if it was true. 
“I have already talked to Shu Qi about it before the event,” she said.
As for Shu Qi’s surprised reaction, Matilda said that it only proves how good an actress she is.
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