In frustration of British band
Coldplay’s live concert in Singapore being sold within 90 minutes yesterday,
some Malaysian fans have decided to create an online petition to request a
Coldplay concert in Malaysia as well.

The petition gathered more
than 1,500 signatures online in only a few hours of its opening and has gathered
more than 4,000 shares on Facebook and other social media outlets within a day.
Well, with the recent
snippets of Coldplay’s live performance from India with Oscar winner, AR Rahman
and fan footages from their U.K. concert, fans are craving for Coldplay more
than ever.

Although the chances of the
petition to be a successful one remains thin, one can certainly hope that in
this day and age where standing still (Mannequin Challenge) and flipping water
bottles challenges are going viral, this petition can garner enough attention
and achieve success too.

The power of social media is
undisputable when it comes to this as there are a number of times where a plea
on social media worked in favour of the fans.

Recently, an Irish
electronic dance music (EDM) fan tweeted Dutch EDM star, Martin Garrix that he managed
to buy a ticket for the star’s show but could not afford the flight cost.

Much to his and the whole internet’s
amazement, Martin replied to the tweet and even bought him a pair of return
tickets so he can attend the show.

This goes on to show that
social media can do wonders and with the right amount of luck, miracles do

So, we’re guessing the Brit
pop band’s fans would have to wait and see whether or not the petition works,
but for now it’s definitely worth a shot.
Hopeful fans can sign the
petition at

(Photo Source: Says.com)