Mad Max Fury Road poster tile
The posters look a tad bit similar to each other, do they not?

Miller’s jaw dropping action flick, “Mad Max Fury Road” now has its Chinese
counterpart by the name of “Mad Shelia”.
Causing a buzz on social media, “Mad Shelia’s” trailer seems
to be a scene by scene remake of the 2015 Hollywood film.
But from the looks of the trailer – in terms of its quality
and production pieces – it can be deduced that the movie had been made with
half the budget of its Hollywood counterpart which got some netizens to brand
it as ‘Mad Max: Made in China’.
Even the movie’s name is said to be of poor proof reading
skills as it is supposedly should be ‘Sheila’, an Australian slang for ‘women’.

This is not the only time a movie rip-off has caused a buzz on social media as
recently a Russian version of Marvel’s “Guardians of Galaxy” called “Guardians”
also received the same reaction.

Mad Max was first released in 1979 as an Australian
post-apocalyptic dystopian action film directed by George Miller with Mel
Gibson in the lead.

In 2015, a new take on the original film titled “Mad Max
Fury Road” was released which stars Hollywood A-lister Tom Hardy as Max
Rockatansky and Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa.

Click here to watch the “Mad Shelia” trailer.