After much speculation and secrecy, Jinny Ng has finally admitted that she is currently pregnant with her first baby.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who accepted an interview from TVB’s entertainment programme recently, announced the good news, saying, “I am soon to be a mother!”

Jinny disclosed that she is now more than three months pregnant with a baby girl and will give birth some time in May next year. The singer also revealed that while she is lucky not to have a bad case of morning sickness all the time, she is easily tired.
As for her career, Jinny said that she will halt everything until the birth of her baby.
“Before I found out I was pregnant, I originally intended to go on a holiday in July next year. But now, I think I will return to work after the baby is born. I want to sing, make a drama, and other activities,” she said.
The singer also revealed that she has yet to decide where to give birth to her baby, but admitted to have reserved a room at a Hong Kong hospital.
Lastly, Jinny expressed her gratitude towards her agency and her bosses for their understanding and support. She also took to Instagram to express this, saying, “Thank you bosses and colleagues. I was very nervous. To my fans, thank you for your well-wises. Thank you to my family, I will take good care of my baby.”
(Photo source: instagram.com/jinnyng)