Popular Japanese “gluttonous beauty” Yuri Ishizeki, or better known as Yurimori is currently in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, and she has taken everyone by surprise after effortlessly gobbling up many local meals in a blink of an eye.

Ishizeki is known as a “food fighter” or big eater (in Japanese: Oogui), and is a popular Japanese pop culture figure who participates in Japan’s many champion competitive eating contests.

The 31-year-old food lover is also a make-up artist by profession and is currently on holiday in Sabah to taste some of the local cuisines and also visit some of the top attractions.


Also known as “Ramen Girl”, Ishizeki’s specialty food is ramen as she had once devoured 8kg worth of ramen within several minutes.

“I come from the interior of Japan which is very far from the sea. I feel like a movie star,” she said to Borneo Post.

Japanese competitive eating competitions are quite common in Japan and are sometimes viewed as a sort of sport as it requires a high amount of energy, precise agility and full concentration.

Yuri Ishizeki is one of the many “gluttonous beauties” in Japan, because despite eating a lot, they are able to maintain a slim and healthy figure.

The most famous Japanese gluttonous beauty is Yuka Kinoshita who took the world by storm after posting and uploading videos of her eating lots of food daily.