While most celebrities would travel overseas and take wedding photos in elaborate gowns with the backdrop of a castle, a snowy mountain, or even a vast desert landscape, Chinese singer Jane Zhang decided that a pair of jeans and a t-shirt would suffice.

As reported on Now News, the singer, who is set to marry fiancé, Show City Times’ CEO Feng Ke, shared several photos from her recent pre-wedding photo-shoot, which features the couple in casual wear as they pretended to play mahjong, and later posed with vegetables and a teakettle in a supermarket.

While there are photos of Jane and Feng in their wedding attires, they were still taken in an ordinary setting, including a photo of the couple eating street food together.
According to Feng, the photo-shoot, which was done in his hometown Chengdu, is to portray an ordinary married life.   
The couple, who got engaged in July last year, is set to tie the knot on 15 November. 
While the relationship did make headlines last month when Jane’s mother accused Feng of bad intention, they later buried the hatchet at Jane’s 32nd birthday on 11 October.
(Photo source: facebook.com/Z.LiangYing)