S.H.E.’s record label HIM International Music has denied rumours saying that the trio will be gone on a three-year hiatus.

As reported on Liberty Times, rumours of the temporary break sparked recently, after the group, who performed at the Taipei Spring Wave Music and Art Festival last weekend, stated that it would possibly be their last live performance as a group that year.

Selina and Hebe also turned to Ella, who is currently pregnant with her first baby, and expressed their hope that after the baby’s birth and as soon as her child is at a certain age, she will be able to rejoin them again.
Fans began calculating the most possible duration of the supposed break, and speculated that Ella may only be back after her child turns one, and that the three of them will need some time to regroup – making three years the most possible answer.
However, when asked about it recently, HIM’s rep denied that there has been any decision on the matter, stressing that they will consider the matter seriously as it will affect the members’ personal lives.
“We haven’t spoken in detail with Ella just yet,” said the rep.
The rep also stressed that Ella will continue to work as long as her health permits it. 
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