Hannah Quinlivan’s camp has denied recent allegations made by an insider saying that the model-actress has an attitude problem.

As reported on Epoch Times, previously, a person claiming to have worked on a photo-shoot with Hannah stated that he had seen the actress acting like a diva and asking the staff to feed her while she was wearing a face mask, despite the fact that her hands were empty at the time.

He also claimed that the actress has woken up a sleeping baby who was part of the advertorial, and that the photo-shoot had to be delayed because of it.
The source also said that Hannah was acting rude towards the photographer, mainly because said photographer was new, and would change her expression when she got to work with a famous photographer.
However, when asked about it recently, Hannah’s manager scoffed and said that no such thing happened.
The manager stated, “Hannah would never wear a facial mask when she has to work on a photo-shoot. She has also worked with the photography team for a long time, and has an understanding with each other.”
As for rumours of Hannah delaying the photo-shoot after she woke the baby up, her manager stated that it is nonsense.
“I don’t even know how this rumour broke out,” said her manager.
(Photo source: facebook.com/pg/HannahIFC)