Right before the US election concluded with Donald Trump winning the job, Chinese-American actor Daniel Wu found himself in the line of fire for expressing his support for a different candidate.

As reported on Mingpao News, the “Into the Badlands” star, who expressed support for Hillary Clinton, recently shared a photo of his absentee ballot, and posted, “Got my ballot all filled out and ready to send in!”

When a fan asked who he is voting for and expressed his wish that the actor would vote Trump, Daniel responded, “It’s [okay]. I am voting for [Hillary]. I am very surprised to see so many Chinese Trump supporters since he hates China and want to create trade restriction.”
His post, however, has angered mainland netizens, who denounced and threatened to boycott the actor, saying that Daniel should just return to the United States instead of making money in China. 
To this, he responded that everybody has the right to express their political views, and that those who don’t like it should just unfollow him from his social media accounts.
“I am just encouraging the public to vote,” said Daniel.