Charlene Choi is happy to finally be able to design her own clothing and collaborate alongside good friend Tianyo Ma for the clothing brand, SUGAR005.

As reported on Mingpao News, the singer, who appeared at the press conference announcing the collection recently, admitted that she has always wanted to have a brand of her own, since she previously studied fashion design.

However, Charlene has always been afraid of starting her own business, saying that she has no talent in that particular field.
“My mother takes care of my finance and investment. If I decide to do business, my mum would flip,” she said.
Charlene also admitted that she has always wanted to establish a Twins’ brand with partner Gillian Chung, but the name had already been registered by other people.
When asked what kind of business they would like to be involved in, Charlene said that they could establish their own restaurant aside from fashion.
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