With a lot of stars becoming victims of cyberbullying and slander, such as in the recent case of Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo, a few netizens are claiming that some of these false rumours and allegations are actually perpetrated by artistes themselves.

As reported on ECNS News, a senior member of several fan forums, who only wants to be known as Xiao D, stated that some celebrities hired ‘anti-fans’, a group organised to defame celebrities, into attacking and smearing the good name of their rivals.

Some, like a man named Wang, claimed that he was paid 20 cents (of RMB currency) for each comment or repost of such nature, and 50 cents if he adds some opinion and rhetoric to the mix.
Xiao D claimed that most of these perpetrators are college students or rich kids, and not all of them are doing for money rather than out of passion.
“An anti-fan who can be humorous and knows how to use Internet slang can attract lots of normal fans’ attention. This way, they can get twice the result with half the effort,” he said.
However, hiring strangers to do the dirty deed might be risky, so Xiao D stated that almost all A-list stars used a more organised strategy of forming their own personal anti-fan group using their loyal fans.
While these allegations might shock anybody, the authenticity is up for discussion.