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Malaysian award-winning singer Yuna has collaborated with Boston-based clothing line Lisn Up to release limited-edition “Places to Go” streetwear collection, named after her song of the same name from her latest album, “Chapters”.

The collaboration aims to give support to more than 15 million refugees around the world that are fleeing their homes from war, persecution, natural disasters, environmental crises and poverty.

“Our collaboration reaches out in solidarity to millions around the world affected by the refugee crisis. Every little effort counts,” Yuna said in a Facebook post.

According to a statement released by Lisn Up, the collection stems from the lyrics of “Places to Go”, where Yuna sings about constantly travelling and needing a place to call home, much like the 15 million refugees though for different reasons.

The “Places to Go” collection includes hemp tee, cotton long sleeve shirt, hooded sweatshirt, flight jacket and flight backpack.

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Fifty percent of the profits for each item will be donated to the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (UCSRI).

Purchase “Places To Go” collection at lisnupclothing.com while stocks are available!