After having had to play a university student for his role in “The Crossing II”, Takeshi Kaneshiro revealed that he was asked to portray himself as a younger man again in his new movie, “See You Tomorrow”.
As reported on CRI News, the actor, who attended the promotional event of the aforementioned film in Beijing recently, stated that director Zhang Jiajia asked him to portray his role as an 18 year-old.
However, to avoid misunderstanding, Takeshi stressed that his character in the movie is not in his teens.
“The reason he asked me to behave younger and younger is that because my portrayal often makes the character look over 30. There’s a gap between my portrayal and the original character in the novel,” said the actor.
He added that he was able to get into character the way it was supposed to after several tries.
“I felt pleasantly satisfied when I discovered the right direction for my acting,” he said.