Malaysia recently welcomed Asia’s first shoes ‘SPA’ brand, SHOOPEN, into Fahrenheit88 – one of its fashion forward malls in Bukit Bintang. The shoe store held its grand opening last weekend, with Korean actress and “Running Man” member Song Ji Hyo making a special appearance at the event. 

Meeting the star was no doubt the highlight of the day and fans packed the front of the mall waiting for ‘The Ace’ from early in the morning despite the event only scheduled to begin at brunch hour.

Also in attendance were local celebrities including “Ola Bola” actor JC Chee, singer Alvin Chong and actress Diana Danielle.
“Ola Bola” actor JC Chee also wants to meet Song Ji Hyo
Actress Diana Danielle and her son working the red carpet.
The crowd was docile as it patiently waited for Song Ji Hyo but the moment that a bright yellow double decker bus adorned with SHOOPEN branding finally docked in front of the mall, carrying the actress inside, a welcoming roar erupted and the actress finally appeared with a bright smile on her face.
Amidst the welcoming cheer, the Korean star calmly made her way down the red carpet and after greeting the crowd, made her way to the store for the ribbon cutting ceremony and a store walk through with the other VIPs.
The SHOOPEN ambassador later met with her fans at the concourse area of the mall, where she took some time to chat with the emcees onstage and greet her fans. Spotting her trademark ‘blank look’ as a translator helped convey her Korean messages into English, the actress tried her best to answer the questions asked by the emcees.
Thinking hard for an answer.
With her name being synonymous to sleeping, it was no surprise when “Running Man” leading lady replied the question “What do you do during your free time?” with “Sleep, eat, sleep”.
Bak kut teh? I know that one!” she exclaimed when asked what local food has she tried in Malaysia –  this being her second time coming though this time without her “Running Man” members – and she in turned asked fans to give her suggestions on what to eat. 
Talking about her future projects, the actress revealed that she will be appearing in a new drama soon, releasing this November, and she has great expectations for it.
The Korean star later took a group photo with a few lucky fans, who get to be up close and personal with her on stage. She also signed a few posters which would be given out to more lucky fans.
Song Ji Hyo makes a ‘hearteu’ with a lucky fan.
Taking a photo with her signed SHOOPEN poster
(Photo source: SHOOPEN).
Before leaving the stage, the actress could be seen looking around for an available microphone just so she could give one last goodbye to her fans. Having found her mic, the actress smilingly thanked everyone for coming and bid everyone goodbye.
SHOOPEN was opened in Malaysia on 24 June this year. The store first debuted in Hong-Dae, Seoul less than two years ago and there are currently about 40 stores in Seoul, Busan and other cities in Korea. The brand claims uniqueness in being a “Shoes Library”, where customers can try on shoes without waiting for staff to bring their sizes from the storage spaces.
Missed Song Ji Hyo at the grand opening of SHOOPEN? Scroll through our gallery below for photos of the Korean star at the event:
SHOOPEN red carpet for Korean actress, Song Ji Hyo.
Song Ji Hyo is in that bus!
Getting ready to cut the ribbon.
Song Ji Hyo makes a guilty face when she starts cutting before she is asked to.
Still diligently cutting as confetti fly all over.
Lucky fans who get to take photo with Song Ji Hyo.
Even people taking the escalators are filming the event.
Song Ji Hyo wears SHOOPEN shoes.
Saying hi to her fans that are watching from the upper floors.
Annyeong Song Ji Hyo, hope to see you in Malaysia again!