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Do you have what it takes to be a real Pokémon master? Because it doesn’t matter how many Pokémon you already caught in your Pokémon GO app – this time, it’s the real deal!

Put down your smartphone and let’s be a Pokémon trainer in real life at the upcoming PokeHunt Run, organised by Malaysia’s fitness and sports event management, Bubbly.

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According to the description, runners will have to run while hunting for Pokémon that are hiding around the park, and there is no special app with GPS for the runners to rely on!

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“You run, hunt and shoot! Once you have hunt/shoot the right spot, the Poke Creature will appear!”

Also, it is said that there would be “a battle at the ‘gym’ by the end of the run”.

The runners can choose to join one of the three teams – red, blue and yellow, which are the Valor, Mystic and Instinct teams in Pokémon GO.

pokemon go teams

“So team up and shoot the competitors, let the whole gym turns into your team colour.”

Instead of Pokeballs, the run will also feature coloured water guns that enable runners to shoot their opponents as well as Pokémon, so the colour that stands out the most will be the master of the gym!


Other entitlements include finisher medal, t-shirt and goodie bags.

The run is only limited to 800 participants, so register now at event.howei.com before 30 November 2016!

PokeHunt Run will take place on 18 December 2016, 7.45am at Kepong, Metropolitan Park.

The event is open to all ages with children fee priced at RM65 while the adult fee costs RM78.