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Halloween used to be the day where people dress up as monsters and ghouls to either ward off evil spirits or honour the dead.

But nowadays, people dress up on Halloween for fun, and their costumes have also elaborate to more than just plain and common Halloween attires like witch, Dracula, or Frankenstein.

Now, so many weird and crazy costumes have surfaced and they don’t seem to have anything to do with the original intention and tradition of Halloween anymore, but still, it is fun to dress up and hang out with your friends and family on this annual, largest costume party!

So, what are some of the top search Halloween costumes that are trendy and relevant for this year?
Here are some of the top ones!

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Even though the hype surrounding Pokemon GO has died, it still doesn’t change the fact that it used to be one of the most talk-about things this year! There are tons of Pokémon costumes that you can wear; you can choose to dress up as the avatar from Pokémon Go, or as the main characters of the original anime – meaning Ash and Misty – or you can just dress up as the Pokémons!

Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen (PPAP)  
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The oddly addictive song which became the top meme of the year is definitely one of the most must-wear Halloween costumes for this year. The costume is so iconic, and it is not that hard to find an outfit similar to the one worn by Piko Taro.

Suicide Squad 
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Of course, Harley Quinn and Joker are definitely two of the most-searched Suicide Squad members compared to the rest, even though Deadshot is supposed to be the leader and “hero” of the film. Since everyone else is probably dressing up as Harley Quinn and Joker on Halloween, so you might want to try dress up as the other members if you want to stand out. And if you really want to be different from the rest, maybe you can dress up as the Joker and Harley Quinn from the “Batman” franchises.

Doctor Strange
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As the latest superhero movie to come out close to the Halloween date, Doctor Strange is another top-picked Halloween costumes to wear in 2016, especially if the outfit you’re wearing is similar to the movie version worn by Benedict Cumberbatch instead of the one from the comics.

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“Ghostbusters” is an all-time cult favourite, and with the all-female reboot this year, the popularity of the franchise just increases more and more. Wearing Ghostbusters outfits on Halloween is so fitting, as the very definition of ghost-busting is meant for this very day! So, for those deciding to dress up as the Ghostbusters, it is time for you to catch some monsters and ghouls on Halloween.

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Superheroes have always been one of the top costumes to wear every year, and people just never get bored of it. Thanks to Marvel and DC Comics for coming up with various superhero characters – and some new ones too in recent years – there’s a long list for you to choose from! But of course, to be safe, people usually just go with the mainstream ones from the recent “Avengers” and “Justice League” movies. But who says you have to follow the crowd? Stand out from the rest by dressing up as characters which have yet to appear in any movie!