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The festival of lights is almost upon us, do you already know what to wear for this year’s Deepavali?

Like many other traditional holiday, the trend of Deepavali fashion has grown throughout the year while keeping the main essence and ethnic tradition.

It is the one day in a year for you to show off your perfect festive look, and we are here to give you some ideas on what to wear!

Anarkali Dresses
Bring out your inner princess with some flowy Anarkali gowns!
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Dhoti Sarees
Show off some spunk with a hint of sexiness by wearing a saree in Dhoti style.(Photo sources:,

Dhoti Suits
With Dhoti suits, you will appear, confident, elegant and modern.
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Jodhpuri Suits
Makes yourself smart and manly with this mixture of Hollywood and Bollywood style suits.
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Kurta Shalwar
Go classic with the simple yet stylish Kurta shalwar, also known as Kurta pyjama.
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Patiala Suits
The outfits are basically modern Punjabi suits which are gorgeously simple but classic!
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Make yourself feel like a bride with some simple Lehenga designs.
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Western Kurtis
East meets west with in these modern western Kurtis!
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