Huang Xiaoming recently posted a sad message on his social media account, where he shared the bad news about a dear fan that he has been helping for the last few months.

As reported on Mingpao News, on 22 October, the actor took to Weibo and posted, “I tried, but I couldn’t keep you. It suddenly began to rain today.”

While netizens first thought that the post was about wife Angelababy’s pregnancy, it was later revealed that Huang was actually mourning the loss of a fan, Zhang Xiaoyu, who died recently of leukaemia.

Huang first met Zhang on a mainland TV programme, where Zhang shared her experience battling her disease with him.

Touched by her strength, Huang vowed to help her, not only by financing her surgery through his charity fund, Tomorrow Foundation, but also by showing his support and attending Zhang’s wedding back in April.

However, it was revealed that Zhang had recently passed away despite all the effort made by the actor.

When asked about it, Zhang’s father confirmed the news of her death, and added his gratitude towards Huang and the Tomorrow Foundation for all their support and assistance.

(Photo source: news.cqnews.net)