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Southeast Asia’s ride-hailing platform Grab has introduced GrabChat, an instant messaging platform embedded within the app, and is touted as the first ride-hailing app in Southeast Asia to provide instant messaging.

“GrabChat makes it easier and quicker for passengers and drivers to commence their rides by allowing seamless communication between them without leaving the Grab app or incurring mobile charges. Our latest feature solves a commonly encountered gap where communication between drivers and passengers helps to commence a ride by locating one another or informing an estimated arrival time, said Tan Hooi Ling, Co-founder of Grab in a statement.

The new GrabChat enables drivers to communicate their estimated arrival times without leaving the app screen, while passengers are able to receive more responsive feedback and share their exact locations.

A beta test has been conducted among selected drivers and passengers in Malaysia and Singapore, and the results have seen a significant reduction in ride cancellations by aiding the pickup process.

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The new feature comes with several commonly used templated messages for drivers and passengers such as “I’m here”, “OK”, “Are you nearby” and “I will arrive in 2 minutes”, and this is to make communication easier for both parties.

GrabChat is now available on the Grab’s latest version (v4.6.6).