Hong Kong singer GEM Tang has laughed off the latest rumours of romance, following the recent release of photos showing her on what seemed to be a coffee date with a mysterious man.

As reported on Mingpao News, the singer, who attended the RTHK Global Chinese Music Chart Award Presentation on 19 October, stated that she is not in a relationship with anybody.

“It’s all fabricated. Why is everybody so enthusiastic about helping [Laurinda Ho and me] find a boyfriend?” she added.
As for reports saying that she and the man were wearing couple rings, GEM stated that she wears rings on both her hands.
She also helped clarify rumours of romance between good friend Laurinda Ho and Alex Fong that have been spreading like wildfire, saying, “They are just friends. She has already denied it repeatedly.”
“Laurinda’s boyfriend is me!” she added jokingly.
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