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Fan Bingbing Studio has recently released a statement in response to the clarification published by Wuhan’s Central China Normal University regarding Fan Bingbing’s forced exit from a previous event.
As reported on People News, previously, it was reported that Fan was ejected from the promotional event of her new movie, “I Am Not Madame Bovary” ten minutes after she arrived, with the host saying that she has to take a break due to “unforeseen circumstances”.
When Fan tried to negotiate, the management instead reportedly threatened to shut the whole event down.
CCNU later released a statement of clarification, saying it didn’t know about Fan’s involvement in the programme and didn’t prepare the proper security plan for it. The university stressed that it was only acting for her own benefit.
However, a few hours after CCNU’s statement made the news, Fan Bingbing Studio released their own version of the event, saying that they have received a notice for the event three weeks ago.
The studio also released a poster of the said event that clearly shows Fan’s name as one of the guests, implying that the school’s previous argument about not knowing about Fan’s involvement does not hold.
Fan recently shared statements of both CCNU and her studio, saying, “Some things can’t be divided as right and wrong, but both parties have different angles and their perspectives will vary. It’s not easy, but that’s life. But I am still happy to be able to make the students laugh.”
(Photo source: instagram.com/bingbing_fan)