S.H.E. member Ella Chen has recently confirmed that she is indeed pregnant with her first baby.

As reported on HK01 News, the 35-year-old posted the update on all her social media accounts with a photo of herself and husband Alvin with a couple of pregnancy test sticks.

“Being the person who can’t hide anything like me, I really had a miserable time holding it back. But now I want to tell you all loudly: I am pregnant,” said Ella in her post.

The singer admitted that the news surprised her as well at first, as she thought that it came “too sudden” and had to calm down before telling everybody about it.

Ella, who confirmed that she had just recently passed her third month, stated that she will confirm the gender of the baby at the launch of her single next week.

Rumours of her pregnancy sparked recently when netizens noted that Ella was wearing flats and baggy clothes in all the photos that she shared during her vacation. It was also reported that the singer withdrew from an alcoholic beverage endorsement, fuelling the pregnancy rumours further.

(Photo source: zh-tw.facebook.com/himella)