Hong Kong actor Benny Chan has addressed the incident that happened during a recent flight that ended with him and wife Lisa Jiang being treated at the hospital.

As reported on Mingpao news, last week, the couple was verbally abused by netizens after Lisa posted several photos showing that she and Benny were sent to the hospital via ambulance after they injured their mouth eating a bun prepared by the airline.

Lisa had since clarified that the accommodation was prepared by the airline, and not by their own demand.
When asked to explain the actual situation recently, Benny shared, “When the flight attendance gave us the buns, they were just warm. So my wife bit into it, and while she was chewing, she suddenly felt it burn inside her mouth. It also hurt her teeth,” said Benny.
They immediately told the flight attendants, who then tested the buns before spitting it out.
Luckily, said Benny, they were the only ones who might have been injured by it.
“We sat in the front row, so I don’t think that the buns made it to the back before the danger was exposed,” he added.
Benny said that he and wife Lisa were discharged from the hospital soon after they arrived, and that they were lucky nothing worse occurred aside from a burnt mouth.
Meanwhile, Hong Kong Airlines Ltd (also known as Dragonair) recently released a statement, acknowledging that two of its passengers had a minor injury after eating the meal prepared by the cabin crew. 
“We would like to sincerely apologise to the passengers regarding the matter, and that the customer service department will contact them as soon as possible to provide further assistance. We will also follow up on the incident with our supplier,” the statement read.
(Photo source: Benny Chan’s Weibo)