It was a happy moment for Andy Lau, who recently shared, for the first time, an intimate photo of his family with his fans, albeit just a photo of their hands together.

The actor, who shared a photo of his, wife Carol and daughter Hanna’s hands on his official website, Andy World Club recently, wrote a message saying, “Dining outside as a family! Full of happiness! That reminds me of you guys! Be happy! See you in a dream.”

The photo was quickly shared by his fans and the media outlets, just due to the fact that Andy rarely shares a happy personal moment with his fans and the public.
However, the photo somehow turned up on Instagram, on an account that uses the handle “927andy”, which seemed to have already taken various photos of the actor from the website and other places, and earning more than 28,000 followers.
The aforementioned photo itself earned more than 3000 likes, with some uninformed fans leaving comments to Andy, thinking that it belongs to their idol.
Upon being informed about the Instagram account, Andy’s studio quickly released a statement to clarify the situation.
His manager stated that Andy has neither Instagram nor Facebook account, and would only interact with his fans via the official website.
However, there is no confirmation whether the actor will take any legal action against his impostor.
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