Aaron Kwok has denied rumours saying that he is set to marry girlfriend Moka Fang next year.
As reported on Jiangsu News, speculations about an upcoming wedding sparked back in September, when Moka was spotted wearing a diamond ring when she attended Aaron’s concert. 

However, when asked about it recently, Aaron, who appeared at an entertainment event in Central, stressed that there is no truth to the rumours.

“[Wedding rumours] will always appear every few months. It’s all false. I will tell everybody if there is good news,” he said.
When asked if he will pull a Stephen Fung and marry his girlfriend in a spontaneous ceremony, Aaron responded, “I’m not sure. I am very low-key, so that works with my personality.”
He reiterated that he will announce the good news if there is any.
(Photo source: cna.com.tw)