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It was another proud moment for Malaysia when para athlete Abdul Latif Romly won the country its third gold at the Rio Paralympics 2016 in Brazil.

The 19-year-old long jumper, who hails from Perlis, also impressed by breaking the world record three times in achieving his golden win.

His second jump in the men’s long jump T20 event recorded a distance of 7.47 metres, breaking the 7.25 metres record previously set in 2012 by Spain’s Jose Antonio in the London Paralympics. 
Romly then broke his own newly set record with his 7.54 metres third jump and his 7.6 metres fifth jump.
Malaysia recently created history when its national para athlete, Mohamad Ridzuan Mohamad Puzi, bagged the country’s first ever gold at the Paralympics, followed by a second gold medal from Muhammad Ziyad within the space of a few hours.
(Photo source: fourthofficial.com)