Hong Kong actor Steven Cheung has recently admitted that he has cheated on his girlfriend Xenia Chong with another woman.

As reported on On CC, the confession came after the tabloids reported that the actor had been seeing a Taiwanese woman named Doris.

“I have to admit that I did a lot of hurtful things to Xenia. I am sorry for what had happened,” he said.

Steven said that he and Xenia had since broken up, and that it was him who suggested the breakup as to not to hurt her anymore.

“Something like this happened before, but Xenia forgave me. But I can’t forgive myself this time, so I suggested that we end it,” he said.

When mentioned that Xenia would never get back together with him this time, Steven said that he understands her decision.

As for Doris, Steven said that he is no longer in touch with her since he didn’t even know her that well.

He also expressed his plans to see a doctor to see if he has some sort of addiction that caused such a behaviour and will do his best to change.

(Photo Source: Steven Cheung Instagram)