In celebration of Shu Qi and Stephen Fung’s union, Vogue Taiwan has recently published a video of the couple’s friendship and romance throughout the years.

In a video entitled, “Stephen Fung and Shu Qi’s 229 Seconds of Marriage Film”, the video starts with a clip from their 1997 movie, “Bishonen” and the words “Our Friendship Begins Here”.

While it began with various photos from their movie stills and magazine interviews, it later started to show various private photos taken by the couple throughout the years, including a photo with their two cats, an intimate photo of them smiling with their noses touching while celebrating a birthday, as well as a photo of the two of them on a bed.

The photos were delightful to fans of the couple, who have always gave them their blessings for the last 20 years, and serve as a proof of their four-year romance that Stephen and Shu Qi finally admitted in their wedding announcement.