They have been seen together quite often recently, both privately and for work, which makes it only natural for the romance rumours to blossom.

As reported on Apple Daily, rumour has it that Nancy and Ruco, who showed chemistry in their hit TVB drama “A Fist Within Four Walls”, have actually been dating for a month, despite Nancy’s previous statement that she will only be focusing on her career following her breakup from music producer Terry Chan.

The couple, who reportedly was set up by their good friend Joel Chan, was also seen together at the Sammi Cheng “Touch Mi 2” show recently.
Rumours are also rife that in order to keep their relationship private, Ruco and Nancy have been purposely avoiding each other while on the set of their upcoming new drama, “The Alliance”.
The decision was allegedly made by Nancy, who wanted to keep her personal life private this time around, after continuously facing bad breakups.
On the other hand, Ruco previously made a statement in an interview, albeit jokingly, that he wouldn’t mind being romantically linked to Nancy.
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