Chinese model Lisa Jiang and husband Benny Chan have recently been criticised for needing an ambulance to go to the hospital just because of a minor burn.

As reported on Mingpao news, the model previously shared several photos of the incident online, including one of her swollen lips, a hospital document, as well as a photo of the ambulance that took her to the hospital.

She revealed that her lips were swollen after eating an airline bun while she was on a flight, and that she was quickly rushed to the hospital. A doctor’s letter that Lisa shared revealed the words “the tip of her tongue and inner part of her lower lip pain and redness” to describe the patient’s issue.
However, instead of sympathy, netizens blasted the model and her husband for using an ambulance for such a trivial matter, adding that they have wasted resources for her minor injury.
Lisa later responded with another post, saying that the ambulance was prepared by the airline and not by her request. 
“Please do not distort the fact. I hope everybody in this community has a heart for justice. Food safety is a social issue, and we have to make sure of this together. We need safe and secure food!” she added.
She also responded in the comment section that everybody should be respected regardless of race and social status.
“If your child or family member ate something and it caused blister, nausea, and discomfort, wouldn’t you go to the hospital to see the doctor? Don’t you want to know what’s inside the food?” she asked.
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