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Liu Kai Chi’s TVB comeback drama, “Law dis-Order”, has recently premiered to commendable ratings, with 25 points peaking at 26, HK01 reported.

Aside from the interesting premise and the chemistry between the two lead stars, Alex Fong and Liu Kai Chi, the use of the single camera shot technique gave it a cinema-like presentation, which is considered a fresh approach for a TVB drama.

However, the drama is not without its problem, as netizens noted that there is a strong sense of similarity between the drama and HKTV’s 2014 drama, “The Election”.
According to some viewers, in addition to the fact that the same actor, Liu Kai Chi, was cast in both dramas, “Law dis-Order” may have a strong taste of “The Election” due to the fact it hired the same scriptwriter, Matt Huang, who wrote for the other drama two years ago.
It was also revealed that both series have the same camera technique and lines.
“Law dis-Order” is a story about two money-hungry lawyers and how their obsession to lead their law firm veered them away from their supposed duty, while “The Election” is about two political rivals eyeing the position as Hong Kong’s Chief Executive position.
TVB has yet to respond to the recent criticism.
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