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“Malaysia Chabor” singer Joyce Chu has revealed that she will be releasing her yet-to-be-titled debut solo album early next year.

“The songs in the album will slightly different from my previous works, for example there will be EDM tracks, and there are also songs which I wrote,” said the 19-year-old Johorean singer.

She also mentioned that some of the songs in the album will be used as theme songs of a few TV series, but she refused to reveal the title of the said series.

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Joyce Chu attended the launch of Taiwan’s RC-Red People collaboration at Doubletree by Hilton.

Since starring in her first feature film, “Young and Fabulous”, the singer-cum-actress has been approached by several Taiwanese and Mainland Chinese networks and TV stations, nevertheless Joyce stressed that she wished to focus her album first before moving to other projects.

“I am very interested in a lot of the acting offers given to me, but my biggest priority is still my music career, so I think before I focus on another project, it is better that I settle my current work first,” said the singer to TheHive.Asia.