Despite his calm and collected manner, Huang Xiaoming recently revealed that there was a time where he suffered from depression.

According to Epoch Times, the actor, who shared his experience during an interview recently, stated that he had experienced such psychological stress while filming “Shanghai Bund” back in 2006.

“I felt pressured. The previous 1980 drama starred Chow Yun Fat, and I was worried I couldn’t be as good as him. To top it off, the script was changed over and over again,” he said.
Huang also added that he became more stressed when the drama, which should have completed in four months, eventually took six months to complete.
“I was exhausted physically and mentally that I couldn’t even lift my head. I didn’t even speak to anybody,” he said.
Huang admitted that he finally decided to see a psychiatrist to resolve his issues. Although his doctor gave him medicine for his depression, Huang said that he decided to cure himself by willpower alone.
“I took a year off. I didn’t film any new project or even look at the reviews online. I shield myself from all the negativity,” said Huang.
Nowadays, the actor said that he is more able to cope with stress and difficulties due to the fact that he has more clarity and understanding of the showbiz world.
“The entertainment business is hard. If you have a bad attitude, it will mess you up,” he added.
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