Hacken Lee, who has moved to his new record label EEG, is now making his debut as a director – that is for his own music video.

As reported on Mingpao News, the singer recently appeared on set to direct his first ever music video for the song, “Not One Less”, and invited various stars to join him, including Kara Hui, Yuen Wah, and Rain Lau.

Admitting that directing the MV is giving him a great sense of pressure, Hacken said that it took him a week from the first meeting to discuss the storyline, to the preparation work, to finally filming the MV.
“With all the prep work, I think it’s enough for me to shoot the music video seven times,” joked Hacken, who revealed that the production alone cost him several hundred thousand Hong Kong dollars.
Hacken also expressed his gratitude to all the stars who came to work on set, especially lead star Kara Hui.
“They are all very professional. Though there are bound to be mistakes, but the opportunity to direct them is such a pleasure and experience for me,” he enthused.
(Photo source: Hacken Lee’s Weibo)