It is the month of September, the only month (okay, along with the month preceding it) when mooncake selling gets competitive. Every year, mooncake manufacturers never fail to impress with better, more creative, more intriguing, or at the very least very aesthetically pleasing, mooncakes. 

In trying to set themselves apart from traditional mooncakes, most modern ones are grand and luxurious, but at the other end of the spectrum, there also exist those who seem to be made mainly for the purpose of eliciting squeals – in other words, they’re super cute. Check out our pick of the cutest mooncakes around.

Minion mooncakes

This year’s treat from Universal Studios Singapore features (L-R in above pic)
Pandan-flavoured Carl, Matcha-flavoured Tom, Banana-flavoured Dave and Red Bean-flavoured Stuart.

(Photo source: RWScoop)

“Angry Birds” mooncakes

If this 2012 limited edition Szechuan Court snowskin mooncakes get
reintroduced, it would definitely take flight thanks to “The Angry Birds Movie”.

(Photo source: Her World Plus)

Gudetama mooncakes

Japanese character, Gudetama, is so popular Hong Kong came up with
two different mooncake varieties (Top: Wing Wah Bakery | Bottom: Hung Fook Tung) featuring the lazy egg.

(Photo source: Yahoo HK | Eigtest.BeautyExchange)

Hello Kitty mooncakes

Nothing encapsulates cuteness like Hello Kitty does, so of course every year brings
about a new design featuring the identity-challenged cat.
This here is a 2013 design from Singapore’s The Icing Room.

(Photo source: Aimakan’s WordPress)

“Star Wars” mooncakes

Don’t think these mooncakes should be lump together with the others on this “cute”
list? Gift one to a “Star Wars” fan and you won’t have to wait long to hear
the excited giftee’s squeal of fanboying- (or fangirling)ness.

Pastel mooncakes

The thing with snowskin mooncakes is they don’t even need to be designed cute,
they can make you go “aww…” just by going pastel.

(Photo source:

Rainbow mooncakes

Snowskin mooncakes can not only go pastel, but also rainbow!
(Photo source: bossacafez’s Blogspot)

Doraemon mooncakes

Being one of Japan’s most-loved characters, Doraemon too gets a
different mooncake design every year; pictured is 2016’s.

(Photo source: Airfrov)
(Photo sources: Yahoo HK | Aimakan’s WordPress | Zazzle | RWScoop | Her World Plus)