The Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival has concluded its run and its winners have been announced. But it seems that not everybody is happy with the result.

As reported on ECNS News, the festival has recently faced criticism due to the fact that a lot of awards were given to young stars instead of seasoned performers due to the implementation of popular votes.

Case in point, according to critics, young actor Li Yifeng was able to win Best Supporting Actor, and defeat outstanding actor Duan Yihong, who plays a newly transferred officer who begins to suspect his assistant police’s involvement in a murder.
He also surpassed Zhang Yi, who received a lot of praise for his role in Peter Chan’s “Dearest”.
Angelababy won Best Supporting Actress, beating other stars, including Yao Chen, despite criticisms regarding her mediocre performance.
In addition, critics were also unsatisfied that “Wolf Totem” actor Feng Shaofeng was able to defeat “Mr. Six” star Feng Xiaogang, who has already won multiple awards for his role in the movie.
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