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Although China had already aired a series about the powerful Empress Wu Zetian, starring Fan Bingbing last year, it was reported that another series about the sole female Chinese empress is currently in the works.

As reported on Yibada, the new drama, entitled “Empress”, will be produced by “Game of Thrones” own Christopher Newman, and will be a collaboration between two studios – Starlight Media and K.Jam Media.

The drama, which will have only 13 episodes, reportedly tells a different kind of story about Wu Zetian, from her start as an imperial concubine to her rise as the ruler of China from 690 to 705 AD.

Nonetheless, producers stated that they are hoping to produce more seasons in the future if the drama gets the viewership they’re hoping for.

The star who will play the role of Wu Zetian is yet to be revealed.

Production will begin in early 2017, and is expected to air sometime in 2018.