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Now that he has concluded filming, Andy Lau revealed that he will be focusing on preparing for his music, which includes rehearsing for his upcoming concert tour and recording his new album.

As reported on Singtao, the actor, who spoke to the media at the Rio Paralympics 2016 celebratory party, stated that the concert may be held some time early next year.

“It will be around the New Year. I hope that those who plans to hold their concert around the same time could kindly step aside,” said Andy, jokingly.
He also revealed that the initial plan is for him to perform in about 20 shows.
It is noted that among the Four Cantopop heavenly Kings, Andy is the only one who has yet to announce his concert. Both Aaron Kwok and Leon Lai have concluded their shows, while Jacky Cheung is currently busy with his upcoming performance.
When asked whether he will be releasing a new album, Andy expressed that he hopes to launch his new album in June next year.
“The record company wants me to sing in Mandarin, so I will do that,” he said.
(Photo source: Andy Lau’s Weibo)