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Nobody was more surprised by the news of Shu Qi and Stephen Fung’s marriage than Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau, who is actually in Prague with the two stars.

As reported on SETN, the actor who has been staying in the Czech Republic to shoot Stephen’s directorial effort, “The Adventurers” with Shu Qi and French actor Jean Reno, stated that he was perplexed as to how the couple could find time to tie the knot.

“I didn’t know it at all. We barely had time to rest and only had a one day break. I don’t know how they found the time to get married,” he said.

Nonetheless, Andy gave the couple his blessings and prayed for their happiness to be long lasting.

On the other hand, Shu’s good friend Ruby Lin, who just got married herself two months ago, expressed her happiness with the good news online, saying, “So happy! This year has been [filled] with so much happiness. It’s a good year.”