Over on the other side of the world, our US friends have declared the whole month of September as the Honey Month. It is the month to celebrate not just the sticky, sweet substance but also everything revolving around it. The bees that forage nectars from plants, the beekeepers who collect the honey they produce, the brains behind the abundance of honey products in the world.  It’s medicine, aphrodisiac and sweet treat all in one. 

This golden syrup, made of mainly fructose and glucose, doesn’t spoil thanks to the lack of microorganisms that are able to grow in it. However, fermentation can occur when exposed to moist air, though this isn’t a bad thing fi the intention is to produce alcoholic beverage mead.

While pancakes dripped with honey is usually eaten as breakfast in the Western hemisphere, we, over at this Eastern side of the world, have our own ways to consume this liquid gold. Here are some Asian food made of or containing honey:

Honey strings

Also called King’s Dessert as it was a highly-prized dessert for Korean royalties,
this started out as a traditional Chinese sweet known as Dragon’s Beard Candy.

(Photo source: yelp.com | Peter P.)

Honeycomb Ice Cream

Soft-serve ice cream trend made popular by South Korea. (Photo source: pepper.ph)

Sun cakes

A Taiwan specialty – baked layered puff pastry with a sweet honey middle. (Photo source: quora.com)

Honey Fried Chicken

Almost each Asian culture has its own way of cooking chicken with honey,
though this right here is by far the best way. 
(Photo source: photo.sh)

Chrysanthemum tea and honey

Healthy and yummy, what’s not to like about this saccharine combination? (Photo source: .riverside-acupuncture.com)

Sesame seed candy

An either crispy or chewy confectionery made of sesame seeds and honey, or sometimes sugar. (Photo source: kelliesbelly.com)

Basil seed drink

Popular in countries such as Thailand and India, it’s the perfect
healthy and refreshing drink to quench your thirst with.
(Photo source: tradeindia.com)

Stir fry honey beef

Beef is another popular choice of meat for cooking with honey,
this Chinese stir-fry dish is usually eaten for dinner.
(Photo source: thechunkychef.com)
(Photo sources: yelp.com | Peter P. | pepper.ph | quora.com | photo.sh)